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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Creating blog with JBM1114D students-very exciting

I feel exciting today, most of them showed their interest in creating their blog...
they need to post any kind of product, its description (if any) and become the follower...

IT FOR BUSINESS..Good Luck...10 marks ok????


  1. salam miss..mntk miss follow back my blog..then take a look at all my entries..
    let me noe whether what i had done in my blog was correct or not..hopefully it is exactly as u desired..
    thanx miss..

  2. salam..miss...follow blog saya jgk..saya pon tak tau yang saya wat ni betol ke salah... ^^

  3. salam...miss mariam,senang2 bkak la blog sy ye.tgk ok ke x ape yg sy buat utk business...